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Nest Labs VP of Technology Yoky Matsuoka, Yahoo! Chief Marketing Officer Kathy Savitt, Jawbone VP of Data Monica Rogati, Greylock Partner Josh Elman, Peek Co founder CEO Vivek Wadhwa, and Samsung Accelerator CTO Dave Kochbeck will speak, among ray ban sunglasses others. Topics include How to Think Different, Challenge Assumptions, and See New Ideas, How to Avoid Startup Pitfalls, How to Take Data Science in the Real World in Your Business, How to Attract Users and Build Growth, and How to THRIVE in Entrepreneurship, Business and Life. Early stage, female founded startups from around the world will participate at the conference’s PITCH competition.

The dynamic spirit of Women 2.0 HowTo calls for an equally dynamic visual presentation. What you wear can visually convey your professional message as well as empower you to fully engage at the conference. Women 2.0 HowTo makes getting dressed relatively easy by welcoming all dress codes, however most participants lean towards business casual attire.

Here are three inspirational style guides for Women 2.0 HowTo conference. I chose to focus on dresses for guest speakers and pants and skirts for attendees. My mission is to make it easy for you. My advice is also to choose cheap fake ray bans whatever style best conveys your personality, so if you enjoy wearing pants or skirts as a guest speaker or dresses as an attendee, go for it. The following style principals can still be applied.

If you’re a guest speaker (or PITCH finalist), I recommend keeping in mind that you are a part of the entertainment and what you wear can either distract or support your message. There are several factors to consider: one of the most important is to be aware that what you wear should allow you to be clearly seen by attendees sitting in the first row to the last, as well as appear flattering in up close live video shots. The right silhouette, color, and pattern/print are crucial.

The best style strategy on stage at Women 2.0 HowTo is to opt for cheap replica ray bans clothing that enhances or creates an hourglass shape to avoid your body frame looking like a solid block. Colors, prints, and designs that make you stand out appropriately and do not clash with the stage backdrop are equally important. Below is a dress example. You’re welcome to swap the sheath design for a fit and flare style or opt instead for a shapely top or blazer and fitted, solid colored pant. Note, I chose to accessorize the leather infused, colorblock dress with simple and streamlined accessories: minimalistic gold jewelry, a trendy, handsfree, quilted, leather, fanny pack to be worn post talk (includes an optional chain shoulder strap), and modern strappy pumps. Feel free to swap the high heels for low wedges or flats, as preferred.

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